President´s letter

Antonio Salom Salas

President of Balearic Marine Cluster

Welcome to the website of the Balearic Marine Cluster, an initiative that I have the honour to preside and whose main objective is to position the Balearic Islands as a reference for the international nautical sector and, at the same time, to give worldwide visibility to the Balearic Islands. 

The Balearic Islands have a first-level business community, providing the best quality service thanks to its both human and technical resources. That is the reality that from the Balearic Marine Cluster, with the participation of companies in the sector and in conjunction with the public initiative, we want to strengthen and promote worldwide. And, at the same time, develop training projects to improve the competitiveness, and consequently bring more added value to the economy of the Community.
This is an initiative driven with the conviction that together we will be able to achieve the goals of specialization and promotion, and together we will do it better. We have a very good reality, an exceptional starting point, in many occasions achieved by the work that the local companies have done separately. Now the challenge is to unite to bring all this work together and turn the Balearic Islands the best yachting reference.