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On Tuesday, May 16, the association received a favorable resolution from the “Dirección General de Innovación”, in which the Evaluating Council approved the Cluster’s Strategic Plan and the fulfillment of the requirements for the association’s registration in the AEI registry.

After more than ten months of work, Balearic Marine Cluster has managed to include five nautical companies with a strong innovative character and years of successful business activity in the National Registry of Innovative SMEs of the Ministry of Science and Innovation. These companies are in addition to the two already existing in their membership registry, thus meeting the requirement of having 10% of Innovative SMEs among their members.

Balearic Marine Cluster currently includes the following Innovative SMEs:


All of them will meet on May 25 at the Son Lledó Building, on the campus of the University of the Balearic Islands, to celebrate the Cluster’s entry into the Balearic Registry of Innovative Business Groups. This event will be attended by representatives from different public administrations with whom the association has closely collaborated on various projects and initiatives in recent years.

During the conference, which will be attended by Omar Beidas, Head of Service at the General Directorate of Innovation; Lorena Vela, Director of OTRI at FUEIB; Ángel Pérez from the Ministry of Science and Innovation; Eva Novoa, General Director of Soermar (promoter of the TECNAVAL 25 project presented to the NAVAL PERTE); Toni Salom and Pedro Suasi, President and Manager of Balearic Marine Cluster, information will be provided on the process carried out by the association to become part of the registry, the benefits that this qualification offers both to the Cluster and its member companies, and the great work done by the companies that have obtained the accreditation as Innovative SMEs.

Furthermore, this event is part of the UIB-Cluster meeting cycle, whose objective is to establish a connection between UIB researchers and companies in the nautical sector, providing a space where they can share their projects and capabilities in order to facilitate joint collaborations.

According to the words of the Cluster’s President, Mr. Toni Salom, “Our sole objective is to promote real projects that help improve the competitiveness of the nautical sector companies in the Balearic Islands.”

On the other hand, the Cluster’s Manager, Mr. Pedro Suasi, points out that “For a project to be real, it needs an objective, a budget, a delivery date, and a final product or service. The rest are just ideas.”

Balearic Marine Cluster is a business initiative created to position the Balearic Islands as one of the focal points of the nautical sector at an international level and to strengthen its competitive position through public-private collaboration.

The seventy companies that make up the cluster represent 1.4% of the Balearic Islands’ GDP.

All of them find in the cluster a space to foster synergies and provide mutual value with the aim of strengthening the nautical business fabric in the Balearic Islands.

Balearic Marine Cluster is open to SMEs, large companies, technological centers, startups, as well as collaborating public entities.

Since its establishment in 2019, the cluster has grown by 165% in the number of associated companies, going from 26 to 70 companies in its first four years.

Currently, Balearic Marine Cluster has an annual budget of €400,000.00 that will be allocated to projects that directly impact the improvement of the nautical sector.

In addition, Balearic Marine Cluster acts as a catalyst for funds directly allocated to companies in terms of promotion, innovation, and training.

Balearic Marine Cluster holds the “European Cluster Excellence Initiative Bronze Label Certificate,” an international quality standard that recognizes the Cluster’s intention to strive for excellence by improving its management capabilities and performance levels.

This certification is granted by the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis (ESCA) after undergoing an evaluation, meeting the “Eligibility Criteria for Excellence Labels in Cluster Management,” and actively participating in a benchmarking process.

Project co-financed by Dirección General de Innovación de las Illes Balears through the Impuesto de Turismo Sostenible.

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