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This morning was held in the Assembly Hall of the Cámara de Comercio de Mallorca, the presentation of the calls for grants active or planned in the short and medium term for the marine industry in 2023.

The presentation, which could be followed online and in person, began at 10:00 with a welcome by Toni Salom, president of Balearic Marine Cluster.

Subsequently, the heads of the Innovation Working Group of Balearic Marine Cluster, Toni Viader, partner of Auren Consultants, and Lucia Mingot, Director of Quality and Innovation of Astilleros de Mallorca, along with Pedro Suasi, manager of the Cluster, presented a total of 22 calls of potential interest to the marine industry, in open application period or imminent publication.

Among the calls for grants presented, are included grants at regional and state level, some specific for companies and others aimed at business groups or clusters, which cover from the implementation of environmental improvement systems to international promotion actions.

Balearic Marine Cluster has applied to several of these calls and from its Innovation Working Group, actively participates in the state calls such as the Perte Naval, together with SOERMAR, making primary projects accessible to its associates.

Other calls that have been highlighted are: grants for internationalisation projects of companies, associations and clusters of the Balearic Islands, NextGeneration EU funds, or aid for the transformation of vessels for conversion into zero-emission vessels.

Companies have been encouraged to participate in the different calls and the speakers have made themselves available to attendees for any questions or doubts regarding the application of these.

The deadline for applications, funding, eligible expenses, aid intensity and the rules to be followed in order to apply for them were explained.

The conference was broadcast live on the conference section of the Balearic Marine Hub platform, and it is now available on this page for all those interested.

You can see the presentation of the calls for grants for 2023 here.