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The ‘We Med Natour’ project is proud to reveal a significant milestone in its ongoing mission to empower small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the tourism sector. Through a comprehensive training programme that includes six modules, this initiative provides companies with a deepening of knowledge and the necessary tools to:

  • Incorporate sustainable environmental practices into their tourism operations, preserving the natural beauty of destinations and offering memorable experiences to visitors.
  • Master online tools and techniques to improve their overall online presence, reach wider audiences, and maximise their business potential.
  • Attract and engage school tourism audiences.

The ultimate goal is to develop sustainable tourism packages tailored to international and national school groups in three distinct age groups (6-10 years, 11-13 years, and 14-16 years). These packages aim to increase the attractiveness of coastal and marine destinations in the countries participating in the project – Italy, Mauritania, Portugal, and Spain. The aim is to publicise the environmental and cultural richness of these destinations to a wider audience, with a special focus on the younger generation.

With a commitment to minimising environmental impact, generating economic benefits for local communities, promoting sustainable practices and raising awareness among children and students about responsible travel and cultural exchanges, this project aligns with the European Commission’s objectives of developing a sustainable blue economy strategy.

The project’s main objectives include:

  • Creating added-value opportunities for SMEs in the tourism sector, increasing their competitiveness and expanding income prospects throughout the year through an online training programme. This programme emphasises knowledge related to maritime policies, tourism, and sustainability while improving digital skills.
  • Bringing children’s and students’ learning to life by combining classroom teaching with hands-on experiences in authentic and sustainable tourism environments.
  • Taking advantage of the lessons learnt from the pilot project to establish a model for increasing school trips associated with sustainable tourism packages.

The project reached an important milestone with the successful enrolment of a substantial number of participants and the selection of partner schools in four countries. The SME Capacity Building Programme, a vital component of the We Med Natour project, has generated remarkable interest and participation from SMEs wishing to improve their skills and competitiveness.

As of the 17th of October, we are pleased to reveal that 175 participants from SMEs have enrolled in the programme, underlining the relevance of the programme and its potential impact on the tourism sector.

Furthermore, we are thrilled to announce the successful conclusion of the partner school selection process. These schools, chosen for the pilot trips in each participating country, will play a key role in providing high-quality training experiences to their students. This will create an environment conducive to growth, innovation, and sustainability in their respective regions and foster awareness of responsible travel behavior among the younger generation.

  • Italy – IMIBERG, Private School
  • Mauritania – TLC International School, Private School
  • Portugal – Agrupamento de Escolas de Pardilhó, Estarreja, Public School
  • Spain – Colegio Santo Tomás de Aquijno-Liceo Santa Teresa de Jesús, Private School