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The dual training project promoted by the Balearic Marine Cluster has generated 88 new jobs in the nautical sector.

The Balearic Marine Cluster (BMC) and the S’Algar Training Center have successfully started the professional certifications in nautical training presented by the association in the SOIB (Balearic Islands Employment Service) call for “Dual Training for Strategic Sectors” and taught by the S’Algar center.

The Balearic Islands host an enviable nautical business network compared to other coastal destinations, representing a high percentage of the Balearic GDP and generating more than 4,000 jobs. Despite this, the sector is not exempt from the widespread issue of a lack of qualified personnel, which, coupled with a lack of awareness among the population, results in greater difficulty in attracting new workers

For the third consecutive year, the Balearic Marine Cluster has participated in the SOIB (Balearic Islands Employment Service) call for ‘Dual Training for Strategic Sectors.’ This program allows the imparting of professional certification that combines training and paid work in companies belonging to sectors classified as strategic.”

The four certificates that make up the training project promoted by BMC in Painting, Carpentry, Fiber and Composites, and Auxiliary Operations, including mechanics and electronics, rigging, and sailmaking, have a duration of twelve months.

During this period, a combination of 35% practical/theoretical training is provided at the S’Algar center in Palma, and 65% of work experience is gained through an employment contract with one of the 36 participating companies in the project. This allows the student to receive a salary and contribute to social security throughout the entire year.

The Balearic Marine Cluster, SOIB, and the S’Algar Training Center have worked together in the development of a comprehensive multichannel advertising campaign with both online and offline actions to capture the interest of young people. The goal is not only to promote awareness of these professional certifications but also to highlight the available job and training opportunities in the nautical sector.

This campaign has resulted in the registration of more than 600 young individuals, of which nearly two hundred were invited to the selection sessions held last September. These sessions provided a meeting point for interested companies and young individuals to come together.

The 36 companies participating in the project, spanning various areas of the nautical sector’s value chain, have played a fundamental role in the project’s development and student recruitment. They have underscored their need and interest in finding qualified personnel and providing young individuals with the opportunity to work in a highly competitive sector.

This is just one of the initiatives carried out by the Employment and Training Commission of the Balearic Marine Cluster, which collaborates closely with the Employment Service of the Balearic Islands and the Sectorial Office of the Nautical Division to disseminate and promote the professional opportunities offered by the nautical industry.